Migrate Your Website To WordPress

Being an entrepreneur or SMB owner, having a WordPress website simplifies your business greatly. If you have a website running any other technology and wish to migrate to WordPress, we got it covered in zero downtime without losing your data or ranking.


Why will you want to migrate to WordPress?

Being a CMS, you have the utmost freedom to add or edit content, wherever you want.

WordPress has a comparatively lesser development time with 1000s of ready-made high quality themes. Basically, less time equals to lesser development cost and faster turn around time.

Many features can be added in a jiffy by means of various plugins. This makes your site effective and customizable to add campaings and other lead generation mechanism. Having a CMS platform helps in effective content generation that works wonders to your business.

The migration process

Once you have decided to migrate your current site to WordPress, these are the steps we carry forward for effective migration with zero downtime and without any loss of data.

  • Take a complete back up of your existing site.
  • Get the pre requisites set for the migration purpose.
  • Create the migration script.
  • Start the migrating process.
  • Once the site the completely migrated, check if each and every page is set right.
  • Fix responsive issues and other minor details to make it perfect.
  • Reupload site map in the server.

How long does it take to migrate a website

It completely depends on your site. It can vary between 4 hours to 14 hours depending on the database size and site funtionality.

Our Promise

We take 100% responsibility for your data and ensure your site is completly funtional, soon after the migration process is over.