Looking to Build The Perfect Website?

A website is the perfect tool that can substitute as many things to help do your business better. By understanding your requirement, we design the perfect website that provides maximum ROI.

A website is never just a website and we refuse to work with people who look at it that way. At WPPersona, we truly believe that a website is where all your branding begins. It’s the sole destination your users visit to get to know all about you. If you fail to impress, you might as well lost a prospective client!


Creating The Perfect User Experience

Creating the perfect user experience is essential to capture your audience. Together, we create the perfect wireframe that is not only user-friendly but also tells your story right. It will be the perfect blueprint that lets you visualize your site and how users will engage with it.

Design And Visualize

It’s where your site’s true identity is revealed. We design the perfect brand-able site that is clean and responsive with your unique brand identity. We help distinguish you from your competitors to make your site interactive and super-sticky.



It’s time to witness the outcome. Your website will not only look pretty on web browser but also on all mobile devices. WPPersona developers are pioneers in not only creating excellent WordPress websites but also in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, Javascript etc to integrate all the necessary features to take your website to a whole new level.

Don’t limit your website to just provide information. It’s the perfect destination that lets connect with yours customers, sell your products/services, and do a whole lot more.

Now You Know What Your Website Can Do For You

Lets Us Know Your Business

1. Business Name

2. Services You Offer And Your Unique Selling Point

3. Website Budget

Note: It can take anywhere between $5000 to $7000 to build a custom website. Our pricings are calculated by keeping our developer’s hourly rate of $55.

4. Set Milestones For Your Website

Eg: Milestone 1: A 20% increase in business leads in 6 months

Milestone 2: Increased user base of at least 15% in Q4

5. Desirable features to be included in your website

6. Do you have any need for business analysis or content/media creation for your website?

Know Your Clients

7. Your target audience/ client – The age group they belong too, their interest, the industries or sectors your business reaches out too, etc

8. Key reasons for an user to visit your website

Eg: To reach out to customer services, your product details, informative blogs, etc.

Know Your Competitors

9. Name A Few Of Your Competitors

10. Why do you think they stand out?

11. What do you feel your competitor is doing better and how can it help your business

Know Your Design Needs

Design plays an important role in a website’s success. As our name suggests we excel in creating the perfect persona for your brand.

12. How should your website make user’s feel

Eg: Professional approach, upbeat and energetic or warm and secure?

13. Tell us about few of your favorite websites and point out the different features you like about it.

14. Color preferences – It does make all the difference needed to have a productive website.

15. Anything else you want to share. Please help us help you better

This list will help us understand your expectations better to design and develop the website you desire.

If you want to directly talk to us about your site requirements, drop us a mail and we will schedule a call back at your convenient hour.