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What is Site Search

Businesses are now being drastically transformed worldwide with the advent of the internet and the massive reach they offer. There are a lot of developers, advertisers and marketers who are consistently trying to drive traffic to their websites.  But there’s just this one problem. Your website visitors might not make a conversion with you unless you push them with enough reasons to do so.

You’d have to engage them just enough and lead them to make a sale with you or interact with your website to enquire about the services you provide. This conversion thus depends on the experience that you provide them through your website.

A website’s internal search engine can drive your efforts towards improving your customer interaction within your site. They’ll navigate your users to the right solutions that they’re looking for and improve your chances of conversion. In addition to this, these enterprise search engines will help you gain a lot of insights in terms of their intent as they browse through your website. You can further dissect these to improve your overall business offerings.


What to look for in a site search?

Site search can help your visitors find what they want faster, boost user engagement, and offer a better shopping experience and conversions. Any framework’s default search feature is not competent to handle the entire weight of your website queries. The search feature that you opt for should offer flexible customization.


Search result accuracy and relevance

The relevancy of your search results will decide if your customer stays on your website thereon. But there are a lot of changing variables with respect to these results. The intent of the search should be well understood to provide them with results that they resonate with.
The site search that you try should consider factors like the search intent, textual relevance, natural language understanding, spelling error interpretations, etc., to offer a ranking formula that’s analytically driven with informed data insights.


Insightful analytics for continuous optimization

The functions of your search are not just limited to answering your visitors’ queries. But instead, it can help you harness the search data insights extensively into understanding user behavior and demographic profiling.

Tracking the site search functionality will help you acknowledge various crucial insights like the effectiveness of your content, the accuracy of your results, product optimization & expansion prospects, market appetite understanding, etc.

For example, let’s say you run a website that features lifestyle blogs and educational content around the same. Your users might have a niche that they like about your content. For example, if you see more people searching for food related blogs or health related blogs on your site, it gives you a fair picture of their interests.

A simple overlook of the keyword trends will help you understand what your visitors have been inclining towards and present these content better to them.


Simple integration and affordable costing

Your search should offer bigger rooms for customization and improvements. Not to forget that they should be available at a price range that fits your existing operational costs.

Enterprise search like Keyspider offer a world of insights and are also extremely user-friendly. They offer all these at justified pricing and open your website to a lot of personalized features for understanding the market better.


Natural Language Processing

Your private website search plugin should effectively minimize distractions and directly lead the users to the products they are searching for. But, your visitors might not type in the exact keywords that match your products or services when they use a site search. Search should thus be a two-way conversation where your users ask and receive what they want. The search engine that you integrate should be intuitive enough to process diverse queries.

Natural language processing refers to the process where the search engine understands the crux of every query even if there is no exact keyword reference. For example, your users might be looking for a paddle brush, but their query might be something like ‘tangle-free hair brushes’ or ‘rectangular hairbrush.’ People use their everyday language during product searches, and your site search plugin should be prepared to furnish the correct results even for such queries.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning together account for a broad spectrum of systems, and they understand the basics of human behavior, browsing style, and browsing patterns of the end-users. These data points can help curate a user-centric site search where they find what they want in easy clicks.

Machine Learning algorithms analyze the real-time behaviors of the end consumers. When it comes to business websites, you can simply show your users all the information that you want them to consume that will drive them towards taking an action like filling up a form or subscribing to your newsletters.

 An AI-powered search can be effectively employed to increase customer engagement and drive conversions


Why Keyspider?

Keyspider is a site search engine built to be intuitive and carries a sophisticated AI and Machine Learning algorithms framework. With the NLU model, instant visual search, auto-complete feature, real-time analytics, and many more functionalities, Keyspider is a great search tool that offers the most accurate results for any diverse query. 

In addition, Keyspider can be handy for improving your entire e-Commerce experience as a whole through the following:

A better understanding of customer intent

Keyspider’s search engine tool is all about reading your users’ minds. Only when you understand the mindset of the visitors who browse through your portal and interact with your content can you effectively show them your collections, products, services or any information that might interest them. With real-time AI-ML algorithms, Keyspider enables you to identify the market appetite, predict patterns and make better-informed business decisions.

 Improved personalization

It would be best if you had a stronghold over the attention span of your customers within the first few seconds as they visit your ecommerce store. If else, they’re going to switch tabs and see what your competitors offer. Personalization plays a considerable role here. By understanding the data points of every single customer interaction, you can curate dynamic homepages with relevant recommendations based on their purchasing pattern. This level of personalization might increase your chances of conversion since you’re only going to show them the products they’re more likely to buy.

When you offer product recommendations that genuinely pike user interests, you will increase your prospects of conversions by a massive mile. Keyspider can help you curate a dynamically engaging, hyper-personalized shopping experience with self-learning AI algorithms.

Prospects for better upselling & cross-selling

With Keyspider as your internal site search engine, you’ll be able to curate a website portal built to understand what the customer wants better. The tool also leaves room for robust personalisation, thus increasing your chances of succeeding at upselling or cross-selling.

Keyspider will understand the market conditions, purchase patterns, and user interactions to determine what to show them when they’re looking up something. You can then upsell these on your product pages by introducing a ‘people also bought’ or ‘frequently bought together’ tab. You can also try cross-selling on your product pages by showing relevant items that might interest the end-user under the ‘You might also be interested in’ tab.

 Improved SEO Ranking

Boosting the organic sessions of your website visitors and increasing their engagement rates is what a search engine tool like Keyspider can offer your portal.

Our detailed analytics will unravel what your customer is ideally looking for, and you can also find the products or content pieces that your users must seek out. This data dissection and analytics will help you address any gap in your product development or content marketing strategies, thus leading to better SEO rankings with continuous improvements and optimization.

Search engine crawlers will favor websites that offer a better user experience. Keyspider can make just this happen for you and will make way for a seamlessly interactive shopping experience for your end-users.

 4x faster and more engaging search experience

You need to retain the interest and curiosity of your visitors by showing up instantly when they’re looking for something that you offer. Nobody is now patiently waiting around for a website to load. They can switch to multiple other tabs on the sides if you’re not fast enough.

You might be running a massive inventory of products. Navigating through all these and providing the most relevant products when your users type in a query. Only this will catch the attention span of your visitors for a bit longer, and that can make all the difference. The faster the search engine, the better the rate of engagement and conversions will be.

Be it any scale of the content site that you might be handling, Keyspider can help you with a dynamic showcase of your website.


Summing up

On-site search can make or break your business depending on how efficiently you implement it and the plugin you choose. Keyspider can provide all your users with a frictionless search experience and direct them towards conversion faster. 

Are you wondering how the tool fits your site? Try free today!

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